Fashion and interior design, an intense connection.

The way we dress and the way we furnish our homes are closely connected. Let’s find out how these two worlds influence each other.

Have you ever thought that fashion and interior design might have some kind of connection? Fashion undoubtedly influences and inspires the world of interior design. Often what we wear and how we decorate our homes are closely connected, and the two influence each other. In fact, it is almost as if the two worlds talk to each other and this reflects the cultural, social, economic, historical and aesthetic changes of our times.

The trends we see on the catwalks of fashion shows can be found directly in interior design. We immediately think of the ‘Barbiecore’ style that was a media phenomenon (launched by the film of the same name) that affected not only the fashion industry, but the influence can also be seen in many other creative fields, including interior design.

Fashion has always been a symbol of personal identity, which is often also reflected in the style of one’s home. This fashion-interior design interconnection has intensified even more with the advent of social media and influencers.

There are several elements that fashion influences in interior design. Over the years, we have seen various trends move from the catwalks of fashion weeks to design companies.

1. Colour palettes:

Often the trendy colours in fashion become the trendsetting colours inside our homes as well. Why? Because colour is a powerful way to express the personality and atmosphere of a room.

Think back to when pastel colours became a must-have on the catwalks. Soon after, interior design shops had pastel-coloured cushions, tables and even plates.

2. Textures and patterns

Have you ever noticed that there are certain prints or patterns that seem to appear in both clothes and interior design? It is as if the two worlds secretly share the same patterns!

For example, the famous ‘sailor’ stripes. We see them every summer on swimwear and t-shirts, but also on carpets, cushions and even wallpapers bringing the same nautical style into the world of interiors.

These styles and motifs know no boundaries. We can find elegant floral motifs, geometric patterns, animal prints, or even velvet in the wardrobe and living room.

3. Style and mood

It is important to know that playing with styles and patterns can really bring a room to life. Just as each person can choose their own style of clothing, so can they do so for their home.

Just as in fashion we talk about minimalist style rather than maximalist style, this can be found in design. A very recent trend is the so-called ‘Scandinavian style’, which has simplicity, functionality and minimalism as its keywords, both in outfits and furnishings.

4. Unconventional materials

Materials are key elements that make up our interiors, from cosy sofas to elegant curtains. And guess what? They too take their cues from fashion!

But it’s not just about conventional materials. Eco-friendly materials, such as recycled wood or sustainable fabrics, are often used because they reflect a growing interest in environmental sustainability.

Like the other elements mentioned above, the materials used can also set the tone for your style: lace in the dress gives a more elegant tone, or the velvet sofa gives a more ‘cozy’ tone to your home.

Fashion is therefore not limited to the wardrobe, but is an integral part of the way we decorate our homes.

Interior design is another way for people to express themselves, their personality and be creative. Your home is a reflection of your style!

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The way we dress and the way we furnish our homes are closely connected. Let’s find out how these two