Palais Royal

vivere a colori

Eclectic design for your home, from Turin and the world

What do an alley in the Marais in Paris, Piazza Carignano in Turin, the Shibuya district in Tokyo and the white streets of Ostuni have in common?

The answer is simple: the feeling of being a citizen of the world, in a place where creativity feeds on inspiration every day to create new shades that paint your days.

A place where we are constantly travelling, staying still, in our home, in our living room, at the table with the people we love.

This is Palais Royal: living in colour.

the true made in italy

An innate talent for home decor

We are honoured to present ourselves as a company dedicated to excellence and perfection in porcelain and home decoration. We are a team of talented, creative and passionate craftsmen, bound together by the same vision of combining tradition and innovation.

Our wide range of products testifies to our commitment to provide unique and superior quality solutions to our customers.

With pride, we carry on our craftsmanship heritage, aiming to spread an atmosphere of elegance and beauty in your home spaces. Choose Palais Royal for a home of timeless class.


At Palais Royal, our story is a journey steeped in passion, creativity and dedication to beauty.

We are a team of professionals, inspired by the vision of offering exceptional porcelain and decoration to decorate your home. Each of our products is made with love and dedication, bringing the soul of craftsmanship to each and every element. We pride ourselves on keeping the legacy of master craftsmen and embracing innovation to offer timeless designs. With Palais Royal, experience a world of elegance and sophistication, where beauty becomes an essential part of your everyday life.