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Tableware and lifestyle

Discover a new world made of colors and happyness, for you and for your home. Table set, gift ideas, sushi set, everything you need to amaze and be amazed every day.

Fichi Allegri

All the colours of the wild beauty of summer for your home, Palais Royal’s hymn to joy.


The elegance of flowers in full colour. Thanks to the unique textures of each object, no one piece in the collection resembles another.


The dreamy home of pastel-coloured emotions. For your breakfasts, for a sweet break, for a moment to be shared.

Tattoo age

Tattooing, a millenary art inspired by the Japanese tradition interpreted in this collection by four symbols chosen to inspire you every day.

Etè Savage

All the exotic beauty of the rainforest in a collection that will make you feel like the main character of a journey from which you will never want to return.


The collection dedicated to the love of our country’s heritage and its incomparable shades.

Santa rosalia

An elegant radiant collection inspired by the imaginative and unique world of the Sicilian Carretti, full of allegorical figures originating in legends and popular stories.


Home Decor

Between the real and the oneiric, between myth and legend, all the inspiration and beauty of Palais Royal’s travels, in your living room, in your favourite room, to express your personality in every corner.


A collection inspired by Gods and Goddesses, fascinating and invincible captivators yet at the same time reflecting the vices and virtues of men.
Foto per Casastile


The collection that combines the elegance of neoclassical lines with the bursting colours of modern art for a unique touch that will be the talk of the town.


Illusions was created to make you travel through time and space to appreciate that beauty that seemed lost without even leaving the house.

Vita Nuova

It is a colourful hymn to the Unexpected, to things that start by chance but change our lives.

Amore e Vendetta

Between myth and legend, between dream and reality: the story of an overwhelming love between a beautiful Sicilian girl and a young Moro in 11th century Sicily reimagined in an elegant and sophisticated collection.
Foto per Casastile


Allegri in Cucina

Discover a new way to amaze yourself and share special moments with the people you love, in the room of the house where stomachs and hearts fill with joy.

Le Fornelle

Colourful and lucky underpans, baking dishes and kitchen accessories to make you smile every day.

Tavola fortunata

A riot of colours to bring home light-heartedness and a dash of luck. An ambassador collection of tradition, always in the eclectic style of Palais Royal.

Wine accessory

The Palais Royal wine accessories line, designed to make every reception elegant and original, but also a special gift



Brighten up your home with elegantly designed lamps. Palais Royal lamps use a rechargeable LED system with adjustable intensity.