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Antonello Blandi

Antonello Blandi, Sicilian artist, painter, designer chosen as an emerging painter by Google for Camp 2017 and by Corriere della Sera for the ‘bello d’Italia’, and fresh from a recent installation at the Dubai Design District, produced by Fantini Mosaici and lit by the Artemide Group.

Antonello has signed our most beloved collections with a creative touch, including FichiAllegri, our Hymn to Joy.

The meeting between Palais Royal and Antonello Blandi was not only a meeting of fate but a dash of joy that becomes Art.

Vito Nesta

Vito Nesta is a designer with a degree in Interior Design from Florence; originally from Puglia, he lives and works in Milan.

Designer, art director, interior decorator and craftsman, he is driven by his attraction to foreign culture, using his travels as a persistent form of inspiration. His creative thinking is expressed through graphic and product design, interior design, photography and painting.

From the encounter between Palais Royal and Vito Nesta comes Illusions, the melamine collection dedicated to the rediscovery of lost beauty.

Studio Mamo

Lorena D’Ilio and Andrea Mamo, an eclectic and curious creative couple, constantly in the pursuit of the new and unexpected. Studio Mamo presents itself as an hub of ideas, concepts, projects, products and materials that constantly mix and intertwine. Lorena and Andrea have been specialising over the years in creating home collections for major fashion names ranging from textiles to furniture and decoration.

Their versatility and eclecticism blend perfectly with the cosmopolitan soul of Palais Royal.

Among the collections designed by Studio Mamo: Santa Rosalia and Eté Savage